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Bay Bridge City Scape
Bay Bridge Cityscape

Philosophical Intent: Nostos is the Greek word for homecoming, the plural of which is nostoi and is often applied to the homeward journey of Greek heroes returning from war. Algos is the Greek word for pain or longing. Both combine to form the root of the word Nostalgia, which was coined as a medical term in 1688 by Johannes Hofer, a Swiss medical student, to describe the psychological condition of longing for the past.

Nostalgia is a longing for persons, things, or situations of the past; it is Homesickness. Nostos Algos the blog is a grasping at straws: an attempt to find meaning in a world that is a tapestry of things past, present, and in the pipeline. This blog is a vessel for memory, which is a condition of existence; a home in the world for a writer afflicted with nostalgia that is loosely carved into four overlapping categories: Musical Miner, History Nerd, Social Consumer and Miscellany.


Author’s Credentials: The woman behind each grasp you read is Nicole Meldahl, aka Nostos Nic–a San Francisco archivist, history nerd, and music lover who dabbles in photography, philosophy and poetry.

She launched a career in museums by using her undergraduate degree in History as an Archives and Museum Technician for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. She is currently a proud Board Member for The Western Neighborhoods Project–a non-profit local history organization that, amongst other radness, manages a digital repository for historical Bay Area images: OpenSFHistory. Recently, Nicole joined the Exhibitions team at the Walt Disney Family Museum, as well as the Strategic Initiatives team at the California Historical Society. For shits and giggles, she’s also pursuing a master’s degree in Museum Studies at the University of San Francisco. In her spare time, she writes poetic nonsense about music, and conducts oral history and photo-documentary projects.

Nicole is currently for hire as a freelance archivist, historical researcher, and writer/blogger. Don’t forget to check out Nostos Nic on Spotify, and follow her on Twitter (@nostosnic)!

Submissions: If you would like to be profiled on Nostos Algos, please direct all submissions to nostosnic[at]gmail.com, subject heading “MUSIC SUBMISSION”. We never publish negative reviews, we only publish what we love. What we really really really love is music of the indie blues, bluegrass, folk, rock and roll, soul, punk, shoegaze, singer-songwriter persuasion, but we’re always open to enlightenment and will respond with feedback even if we don’t PR the submission.

An Evening with Father John Misty at Slim's, 2013
An Evening with Father John Misty at Slim’s, 2013

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