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Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry Forty-Five

Entry Forty-Five

Sunday Fri., February 16                                  Weather marked as Clear.

Dear Diary,

Got a Valentine from Jean & a ticket to “Belvedere Little Theater” from Miss Sellers. I think I will go. Almost missed the school bus this morning. I think I have a crush one someone—I’m not saying “yet.”

Assembly today. It was nice. Today in 5th period (ceramics) Art & I were talking & he “asked” if “I”’ed like to go to the A.R.A. Valentine dance tomorrow night. I said “yes.” When I got home & asked mom she said yes too. Or O.K. for me to go.


Sunset Dragon

Inspiration is but fleeting:

A flinching moment in the night.

Its carnal tongue preceding

The shiftless cardinal sin of SIGHT

So with these winds of discontent

I’ll wander aimlessly in search

Of rabble-rousing wonderment

To inflame these embers wracked

With soot.

Because in your absence, in this wake

A flame refuses to unfurl.

IT languishes in malady

Tepid in its stubborn coil

And in this flaccid freedom,

I’m untended in respite.

As in this tone-deaf melody,

An opus spurns its heights.

Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry Seventeen

Entry Seventeen

Friday Wed., January 17                      Weather marked as Clear, and annotated Cold.

Dear Diary,

All the kids like my hair (except Elesa who insists on calling me baldy). Went to Dr. Cornelius to get a check-up. I don’t have to have corection any more. Angel, Mrs. Sellers & I rehearsed the “love” scean [scene] in “Love-Bug”. Ummm it was nice. Robert hasn’t asked me to the A9 party yet (hear’s hoping).