The Pixel Painter: Hal Lasko

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I love America (to be differentiated from ‘Merica), but we as Americans suffer from a lack of reverence for our elderly. Perhaps my job as an archivist has skewed my awareness towards the importance of listening and remembering, to acknowledging the feat of having lived, loved and lost, and continued. Perhaps it’s because I can no longer speak with my own grandparents, but this video of Hal Lasko spoke to me. Alright, I admit it, this video made me cry from it’s sheer beauty: the beauty of perseverance, a dedication to the grasping of Joy while ¬†one still can in whatever form one can.

This man is the embodiment of the American spirit. To purchase a print of one of his pixel works, go to his WEBSITE.

A Meeting Has Been Called

Whilst reading the Classified section of a San Francisco Chronicle from the 1880s, I came across an advertisement titled “A Meeting Has Been Called”; this is what it said:

“A MEETING HAS BEEN CALLED for all those wanting clothing at less than one-half what they were made for; shall meet at ORIGINAL MISFIT CLOTHING PARLORS, n.w. cor. Post and Dupont sts.”

This advertisement was sandwiched in between an ad calling for a stockholder’s meeting, and another listing dividends.

Drink Whiskey with Sammy D and Father Misty

In honor of Father Misty’s show tonight at The Fillmore, I present his parody of the 1974 Suntory Whiskey ad featuring none other than the inimitable Sammy Davis Jr. Well, inimitable unless you’re FJM.

Update: The original video that was included in this post was removed, and (unfortunately) the only version currently available has substandard audio that cuts out about halfway through. My apologies; the hunt for an adequate video persists, but until that is found this will give you a sample.