Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry One Hundred Forty-Two

Entry One Hundred Forty-Two

Friday, June 27                     Weather unmarked.

Dear Diary,

We all went to Aunt Betty & I slept over. We saw Beauty & the Beast & Age of Innocence.

Mrs. Suggarman phoned today and told me I was chosed as a delegate for Asilomar! She told me they chose me because I had given so much to the club since I joined (4 months) & that they wanted the future leaders to go, so that they could bring back from camp what ever they got from it & that the age limit is 16 but they would lie for me & I was the only new comer to go & a bunch of other things which made me feel very wonderful. The others going are: Marian Holman, Vicky Rubell, Tom Beattes, Dick Holer, Ritchy Gaylor, me. Paying for selfs: Jaime Grey, Nancy Gaylor