Daily Dose: Belle and Sebastian, “Juliet Naked”

Belle and Sebastian will forever be one of the formative bands I found in high school, an album that made me feel cooler just by listening to it. And now they have released an album called Late Developers that shows what feels to me like a Catholic school boy developing a large negative.

I love when bands keep pace with you and you run this race together, you know?


Daily Dose: Local Natives, “Desert Snow”

Some music triggers recall. And thank goodness, because some memories (the simple ones) don’t always like to surface.

Songs by Local Natives always take me back to my last few years of undergrad at San Francisco State, where I had nothing but time to read and absorb music and stumble forward. Even their new tracks, which do feel fresh but still feature the band’s signature harmonies, are transportive. Here I am again, skin pulling warmth from brutalist concrete benches in the quad, rummaging through my Green Apple Books tote bag for a pencil I’d lost somewhere in the halls of the social sciences building they demolished this year.

There’s so much I wanna tell ya about my time there, more than you could ever know.