Must-See: Rose Droll @ Amnesia TONIGHT

When you review music as part of your daily bread, you hear a lot of music. You can usually tell within the first 20 seconds whether or not you want to keep listening, and by the second song you get to know an artist.

Within one minute of listening to Rose Droll I thought, “This girl needs a recording contract.” I want to see what she can do with unlimited resources and support. Droll has an innate ability to write songs that aren’t overthought but are thoughtful. They are truthful, they are beautiful, they levitate with depth but are soft enough to experience on multiple levels–with investment, committing to the complexity of every note and lyric, or within distraction, as a soundtrack to your transitional life. This is music at its best–fresh and raw, with a unique viewpoint.

Droll has unleashed mucho music this year from a massive reservoir of unreleased tracks, and you should support both her and the amazing venue she’s gracing this evening, Amnesia. Then you can say you knew her when she played an intimate Mission District lynch pin after she’s climbed the ladder out of relative obscurity.

So sad to be missing her tonight. Don’t be like me; drop what you’re doing and go! Missed her? No problem. We can see her together at Cafe du Nord on October 15th. PHEW.


Daily Dose: Cat Stevens, “Tell ‘Em I’m Gone”

Rarely do iconic artists release weighty, relevant new music decades into their careers yet Cat Stevens, also known as Yusef Islam, has done just that with Tell ‘Em I’m Gone. Perhaps this is because the angst, the want for change so evocative of the 1960s is still a very real thing, and Cat Stevens was a pivotol voice of that generation. Or maybe the authenticity of Yusef Islam’s search for the Self through his guitar strikes a chord with us, his audience.  Whatever the reason, this troubador for peace is performing at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco on December 12th. Give yourself the gift of a lifetime, and see the man in person.