Daily Dose: The Cinematic Orchestra, “To Build A Home”

The kind of song you sit with on Sundays, on the floor of the pace in which you live – wherever and however that may be. Sitting in your space, by yourself, just listening.

Sundays are just for listening.


Daily Dose: AroarA, “#14”

What I love most about AroarA’s In The Pines is the album’s unpredictable intelligence. Each song could almost stand alone in genre and form, but instead of leading to incohesion they function like wind chimes–the longer they reverberate off one another, the more organic the sound becomes. With lead vocals that switch from feminine to masculine, tempos that consistently shift, and pared-down layers of instrumentation that pop in and out, In The Pines is weighted by a sense of whimsy that is playful yet commanding. Quintessentially Montreal in sound, so fun and eclectic that it’s impossible to be bored; a great Saturday in the city soundtrack.

Daily Dose: BIG DATA, “Dangerous (feat. Joywave)”

“Big data” is a term used to describe a monumentally massive volume of structured and unstructured data that is difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques. “BIG DATA” is a paranoid electronic music project from the Internet, formed out of a general distrust of technology and The Cloud.

Video is somewhat graphic (if your tolerance is low). For everyone else, an amazing cultural critique–especially for those of us having lunch in a cubicle.