Cover Lover: “Young Hearts Run Free”

I think everyone loves a good cover song. Perhaps it’s the joy in knowing and citing the original, or the excitement of seeing something in a new light. Either way, when an artist covers a song well, he/she makes it his/her own, transforms it, and brings something fresh to the forefront. Waters is an artist who has found his voice, which is no small feat, and he uses it to transform a song that I first became familiar with courtesy of Baz Luhrmann and his soundtrack for Romeo + Juliet. Above you’ll find the Waters version of “Young Hearts Run Free” and below you will find Kym Mazelle’s version. You can also see Waters, along with Farallons and Mornings, at Brick & Mortar Music Hall tonight for a mere $6; highly recommended.


J. Tillman, “Firstborn”

She realized would never touch the ivory on her mother’s piano again. It, as with all she had known, was fracturing to other places. It had left its place beside the hearth. Far from her reach, Foreign to her sight. Washed clean free of provenance to dwell in a home with no mind for such things.  No longer a gift from her father, who now laid snugly in the ground. No longer there to gather the family ’round.  Another memory gone.

Now just another piece of furniture on which to place a drink.

Urban Wayfarer

Eleanor Murray / “Street to Ride” [Click Song Title to Listen]

Prisms formed along his walls, light fragmenting light in the most peaceful chaos he’d seen in months. And if it weren’t for that weekend in New Mexico, he would never have found his way. But he was safe now; he had stones of turquoise counter-balanced in his perspiring palm, shifting ever so slightly and guiding him yonder.