Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry Fourteen

Entry Fourteen

Tuesday, January 14                                                Weather marked as Clear.

Dear Diary,

Jean & me went to the show. Saw Joan of Ark it was pretty good. Gosh Diary, it doesn’t seem possible that in 2 weeks I’m graduating & moving. I feel kindda empty inside.

Editorial Note:

Here is a video montage made from Ingrid Bergman’s Joan of Arc directed by Victor Fleming (1948) seen by Lois on this date in 1951:

Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry Thirteen

Entry Thirteen

Monday Sat., January 13                             Weather marked as Clear, and annotated Windy.

Dear Diary,

Mommie & me went downtown today. I got my whole outfit. I got a tangerine Dress, a topper, a purse, shoes, hat, a sweater set, & a blouse. Man what a day. I also slept over Jeanies. Jean’s feet were extremely cold tonight. Burr.