Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry Thirty-Two

Entry Thirty-Two

Saturday, February 1                                          Weather marked as Clear.

Dear Diary,

Took the school bus home today for the first time it’s real nice. I slept on the floor on my spring & mattress as my furniture hasn’t come yet. The house looks wonderful.

Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry Twenty-Seven

Entry Twenty-Seven

Monday Sat, January 27                                    Weather marked as Clear.

Dear Diary,

I haven’t mentioned it but for the last few days I’ve had a bad cold & sore throat so today I spent half the day packing & half in staying in bed. I’m very anxious about Monday – starting a new school a new house – new friends.

Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry Twenty-Six

Entry Twenty-Six

Sunday, January 26                                           Weather marked as Clear.

Last day of My Junior High School Days

Dear Diary,

What can I put down? That I’ll miss Belvedere? That I’ll miss the kids or the teachers? or Robert? After a while I’ll forget, but yet I don’t want to forget. Today I didn’t feel like crying but then while I was looking for Robert Mirvich[?] to say good-by I bumped into Manuel Rocco & he told me that Robert had already gone. I don’t know why but it just struck me funny & I started to cry hysterically. I’ll get over him but why is it that when at last I found someone who would love me as much as I loved him (& he does love me) then I have to move. When I was saying good buy to Manuel Aranda we hugged each other. Boy can he hug if he were only a little bit taller I could go for him. Good By Belvedere.