Breakfast Can Wait

For many years, Prince shunned the internet as a legitimate distribution source for music. Well, thank god that’s over now!! The man has a twitter handle and a Youtube channel called 3rdEyeGirl where he premiered a short clip of his new single, “Breakfast Can Wait.” Available for download on iTunes and streaming on Spotify and its sister services, this track is classic Prince–the only man on the planet who can sing a list of morning menu choices and make it sound crazy sexy cool. For me, however, the music took a backseat to the album art which features Dave Chappelle as Prince holding a plate of pancakes.

This tip-of-the-hat to the wildly successful Chappelle’s Show skit where Charlie Murphy and Prince, with their respective entourages, square off on the basketball court is a genius move on the part of Prince. It reminds us that he’s a music icon, an inimitable piece of American pop culture, but also demonstrates his ability to laugh at himself. This is crucial, because Prince is kind of scary when you think about him as a real person. If someone told me he levitates in place of walking, I would believe that person. Because it’s hard to imagine icons as humans not in possession of magical powers, and this is intimidating. Unlike the untouchable icon of years past, we now know two things about Prince: a) that he has a sense of humor, and b) how he likes his eggs cooked in the morning. Thank you for sharing, O Holy One they call Prince.