Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry Seventy-Eight

Entry Seventy-Eight

Thursday Tues., April 17                     Weather unmarked

Dear Diary,

C                     Spanish           Mrs. Moore.

CSS                  Gym.              Miss Senelch(?)

C+SS                English.          Mr. Frisius

Went to San [illegible] Co. with class. Lynn Mendleson is having a party Sat Nite. I’m-a-goin’.


Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry Eighteen

Entry Eighteen

Saturday, January 18                                           Weather marked as Rain.

Dear Diary,

Got report cards today this is my best yet. Got into “active”

Social Studies     AEE    Mr. Faulk

English              BSS    Miss Thompson

Drama               AEE    Miss Sellers

Math                 AEE    Miss Hancock

Phys. Ed.           ASS    Mrs. Crosby

Spanish             BSS    Mrs. Nicholson

I think I should have gotten A in English, no complaints other wise. The ‘Love- Bug” is coming along very nicely. About the A9 party & Robert asking me to it–he didn’t.  Took a bath & went to bed early. Hope it won’t rain tomorrow.