Daily Dose: Lou Doillon, “Good Man”

Lou Doillon is effortlessly cool in ways that only a daughter of Jane Birkin can be, and if you don’t believe me…check out her sister, Charlotte Gainsbourg. Released in October of last year, Lay Low repurposes the legacy of Amy Winehouse with inimitable French chicness. Her supple vocals (and killer bangs) evoke 1990s nonchalance while the music harkens back to 1950s smoke-filled nightclubs, yet the music and the maven do not feel dated. This is where Doillon exceeds Winehouse, who often felt like a caricature from another time, and is much harder to pull off than you’d imagine. Every song on this album is worthwhile, but this is one of my favorites: the perfect track to play as a girl heads out the door, wet lips rubied red, into a rainswept city night.