Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry One Hundred Thirty-Eight

Entry One Hundred Thirty-Eight

Thursday, June 19                            Weather marked half Clear, half Cloudy.

Dear Diary,

Homed & sewed—went to Aunt Sel & Uncle Rub for dinner—Ilene is getting cuter & so is Taby. Talked to Maria on phone for 50 minutes.


Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry Ninety-Six

Entry Ninety-Six

Tuesday, May 6                   Weather marked as Clear

Dear Diary,

Came home from Lynns about 2:00. Bob called & then came over. He’s nice. The Greenbergs came over. Uncle Ruby & I had a talk about Frank & he things I wasn’t (too) wrong in being picked up by him or giving him my address. God damn!!! I can’t get Frank off of my mind. Its driving me crazy!!!!!!!! Gosh but Uncle ruby is wonderfully understanding. He’s my favorite.

Uncle Ruby explained to me why he thought I was right in doing what I did & why I was wrong in ding what I did. He says if he asks me out I could go (if Mom lets me.) Uncle explained how a sailor feels when in & out of uniform. Gosh but Uncle Ruby’s wonderful!

Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry Twenty-Five

Entry Twenty-Five

Saturday Thurs., January 25        Weather marked as Clear, and annotated Hot.

Graduation Day. Page Dec. 32

Dear Diary,

As I write this, I still can’t believe that I have graduated and that tomorrow is the last day of Jr. High, Belvedere, Robert, friendships and teachers. It seems strange that we’re going to move & we are packing and cleaning & more packing. Today during graduation I looked at the kids & it didn’t seem possible that I would never see them again after tomorrow. Eliseo sat in front of me & as I looked at the back of his neck & thought of all the fun I’ve had with him & with all the other kids & I felt sad at the thought of leaving all of them & yet excited of meeting new friends. Golly I wish I could start Belvedere over again & yet I’m glad its over. Tomorrow ought to be interesting.

From a Special Data page in the back of the diary is this list of

Things I Got for Graduation:

Mom: New outfit

Aunt Roz – Uncle Al: Beautiful earring & pin set, also a real cute card

Arthur Hernandez: real cute card

Bubie: mazuza & chain

Aunt Clara, Uncle Nat, & Norman: $5.00

Uncle Ruby, Aunt Selma, Ilene, Toby: watch