A Nostos Nic Podcast

1898 Nostos Nic as Driver

A few weeks back I recorded a podcast with David Gallagher and Woody LaBounty–the good folks at the Western Neighborhoods Project (WNP). In it we speak of Camp Merritt, the Spanish American War and the west side when it was overrun with salty soldiers from the South. Click HERE to give it a listen, and don’t forget to throw the WNP some love. They deserve it.



Sunset Dragon

Inspiration is but fleeting:

A flinching moment in the night.

Its carnal tongue preceding

The shiftless cardinal sin of SIGHT

So with these winds of discontent

I’ll wander aimlessly in search

Of rabble-rousing wonderment

To inflame these embers wracked

With soot.

Because in your absence, in this wake

A flame refuses to unfurl.

IT languishes in malady

Tepid in its stubborn coil

And in this flaccid freedom,

I’m untended in respite.

As in this tone-deaf melody,

An opus spurns its heights.