Daily Dose: Night Moves, “Carl Sagan”

This song is everything you want because it’s everything you need…from the 1980s.


Daily Dose: Leon Bridges, “Coming Home”

Leon Bridges is an anachronism: a soul unbound by time blessed with a sound that is ageless. I’ve been trying to craft an introspective post on this man’s music after tripping across it on Spotify sometime around March.¬†Unfortunately, I’ve never found the words to do it justice. So in lieu of the perfect prose, I’ll let the music’s perfection speak for itself.

Enjoy this track from what many will inevitably call the best album of 2015.

Daily Dose: Elton John, “Your Song”

My father was a man of duwop and soul, but my mother was a sunkist Californian prone to pop and folk music of the 1960s and the 1970s. From her I inherited my love of Elton John: a love that compelled me to steal all her old albums, on each of which her maiden name is signed in adolescently perky penmanship. This is a theft she’s never let me live down, but I persist in keeping my stolen goods because the man has meant that much to me throughout the years. In middle school, high school, college, and beyond, I’ve always been able to pull an album from its dusty jacket and find exactly what I need. I’ve even had the good fortune to see him live on the Peachtree Road Tour, and let me tell you…the man has more energy than a pack of 22-year-old frat boys let loose at a brew pub. Proof that life can get better with age; hallelujah.

Daily Dose: Nirvana, “About A Girl”

Because this MTV Unplugged blew the world’s mind like Dylan had just gone electric. Because Kurt’s green sweater was just exhibited at an in-depth Nirvana retrospective staged by the Experience Music Project in Seattle. Because rock legend Dave Grohl is wearing a Normcore turtleneck. Because Nirvana fundamentally changed all of us 90s kids, whether or not we understood that.