Joe Walsh, “Analog Man”

We are truly all related by substitution; interacting in the internet void. Save for the few moments each day when I dust the mantle, water the plants, and lift the needle onto that every ready long playing vinyl.

analogue or sometimes ( US ) analog (ˈænəˌlɒɡ)

— n
1. a. a physical object or quantity, such as a pointer on a dial or a voltage, used to measure or represent another quantity
b. ( as modifier ): analogue watch ; analogue recording
2. something analogous to something else
3. biology an analogous part or organ
4. chem
a. an organic chemical compound related to another by substitution of hydrogen atoms with alkyl groups: toluene is an analogue of benzene
b. an organic compound that is similar in structure to another organic compound: thiols are sulphur analogues of alcohols
5. informal digital native Compare digital immigrant a person who is afraid of using new technological devices


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