Brain Connection: “Grandma’s Hands” and “No Diggity”

The greatest thing about the present is the ability to know the past. That’s why it’s called the present: because that ability is a gift. What we do, what we are now is a patchwork of all the things that came before us. Whether or not this is a conscious facet of our existence depends on our engagement with what surrounds us and the frequency of self reflection.

There are always links. We just need to pause, look and listen to find them. Doing this the other day, my brain immediately connected the 1996 Bilboard sensation “No Diggity” by the utterly forgettable Blackstreet featuring Dr. Dr with Bill Withers’ 1971 classic “Grandma’s Hands” from the album Just As I am.

The first video below is Bill Withers performing some of his iconic songs for the BBC in 1973. The roughly 30 minute show can be seen in its entirety HERE. The second is the official music video for “No Diggity” that dominated the MTV airways, and all of my Middle School dances.



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