A Clueless Moment

The movie Clueless was a formative experience in my burgeoning adulthood. I had the fuzzy pen, the satin mini skirts and and was obsessed with Jane Austen so I perfectly understood what motivated the Cher / Emma character in a literary-teenage way. “As If” bumper stickers that the movie inspired aside, Clueless promoted some solid ideals: avoiding judgement based on appearances, LGBT acceptance, and, of course, doing good stuff for other people in Pismo Beach who may have lost everything in a disaster, even their winter sports equipment.

If you’re also a fan of the movie, you’ll enjoy this Buzzfeed quiz Which “Clueless” Character Are You? Not only was it the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work, like when you pee your pants laughing after your manfriend comes up as Tai (hypothetically), but it also kicked off a Cranberries listening excursion that entertained me for most of the next day. That is called double winning.


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