Current Obsession: Pancho-san

Learning that Rogue Wave is to play The Independent with Hey Marseilles  this weekend (Friday, 7/12/13, and Saturday, 7/13/13) triggered a wave of nostalgia. A current of flashbacks from my post-college years flickered by, all of them centered around the couch of my buddy’s tragic apartment where a group of us watched Arrested Development with Rogue Wave streaming on low in the background. At that time I was running the Music Department for an upstart online magazine that will remain nameless. In this capacity I was introduced to Patrick Abernathy, then bassist for Rogue Wave, and his solo project by the name of Pancho-san. I took to his album Oh, Mellow Melody immediately, and he was kind enough to spend some time with me after his show at Cafe Du Nord. Abernathy is a genuinely nice man who makes inexplicably underrated music. For this reason, I share it with you now: this current obsession that was once an old obsession.


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