Current Obsession: Bombadil

Bombadil at Pendarvis Farms by Kristen Krauter

Having had the concurrent displeasure and honor of planning several funerals, I’ve come to understand the importance of music in the heady moments of a final goodbye. Accordingly, I’ve started a playlist for my own funeral to save my loved ones the agony of soundtracking a ceremony to honor a woman who thought always in terms of music. Also, I don’t trust them to get it right (which makes me a pretentious asshole).

Which is not to say I morbidly contemplate death at every turn. I do not seek the songs on my funeral playlist, they find me and this is how I discovered Bombadil. The track “I Will Wait” off Bombadil’s album All That The Rain Promises–a title which in and of itself can offer an optimistically funerealistic aura–is so incredibly moving in its gospel simplicity. Bombadil, however, is no one trick pony. The rest of the album pairs bouncy melodies with wry humor that showcases the band’s musical ability without taking itself too seriously–offering a wonderfully refreshing contrast to the more somber opening track. All in all, a deeeeelightful listening experience and another notch acquired on my quest to create the perfect funeral playlist.


2 thoughts on “Current Obsession: Bombadil

  1. I also like to choose songs for my own funeral… and that is possibly the most Morissey thing I’ve ever said.

    Two of them are “Five Years” by David Bowie (I think I saw you in an ice cream sentimental), and “Raat Akeli Hai” from the movie “Jewel Thief” ( cause it might cheer everyone up…the yellow dress! the shimmying! Oh, such shimmying.

    1. I’m tempted to make a “Don’t Open This Until I’m Dead” CD. Is that strange? It’s probably a little strange. Some women plan their weddings, and other women plan…

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