Mercedes Dorame Redefines Cultural Boundaries

As some of you may know, I’m currently a Museum Studies graduate student at the University of San Francisco. This semester, I’m part of a wonderful group of people curating a contemporary Native art exhibition titled “Interwoven: Indigenous Contemporary.” I’m on the PR/Marketing team, and we’ve created an external exhibition website, and this is one of the inaugural posts written by my team member Morgan Schlesinger . I’ll continue to reblog them, or you can get them from the source!!

indigenous contemporary

A native of Los Angeles, Mercedes Dorame is a photographer whose work challenges ideas of cultural construction.  Mercedes has shown her work internationally and has recently had her work acquired by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  Additionally, she has been featured in publications such as 580 Split and News From Native California. Her experience working on archaeological sites has ha a huge influence on her work.  As a member of the Gabrielino Tongva tribe, Mercedes has been deeply affected by how archaeological excavation requires interaction with objects that have been disconnected from their original meaning and context.

Mercedes Dorame, 2013 Facing Storms, Mercedes Dorame, 2013

Mercedes Dorame, 2013 Smoke to Water, Mercedes Dorame, 2013

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