Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry One Hundred Twenty-Eight

Entry One Hundred Twenty-Eight

Saturday, June 7                   Weather marked half Clear, half Cloudy.

Dear Diary,

Got my visitor. Was in health office all morning.

Harvey didn’t ask me about Fri & I didn’t say anything. Jim Grey & Marian Holman are going to Bob’s party too.

Got our Annuals & my pic isn’t even in it. Tom Meng, Norman (ugh) Hempling & Audrey Silverstone came over after school for milk & cookies.

I washed my hair. Wrote Jean a letter.


Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry One Hundred Twenty-Seven

Entry One Hundred Twenty-Seven

Friday Wed., June 6             Weather marked half Clear, half Cloudy.

Dear Diary,

Today in Spanish Harvey said that Art had told him that he made me……. & he said we did things on the night of the Sr. Prom. Dave Francisco, Jim Pedit, Ray Martin & Harvey were talking about it & then Dave & Harvey said that they didn’t know that I was that kind of a girl etc  & then Harvey asked me out.

Damn it! After I waited so long for him to ask me out it has to be like this. I told him I would tell him tomorrow. Bob called & asked me to his party & told him yes. Ricky & Lynn are going to pick me up.

Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry One Hundred Seven

Entry One Hundred Seven

Saturday Thurs. May 17                  Weather marked as Clear.

Dear Diary,

Harvey is a wonderful as ever. Audrey & I bowled 3 games. Birch sat & talked to us all the time. He treated me to a coke & gave me a dime to go home on. Birch walked me to 5th again. He took my shoe & I had to walk to 5th with one shoe off. I bowled 90, 83 & 79. Hal called. Mrs. Mendleson invited me to the Hollywood Bowl this Sunday for “I am an American Day.” Lynn, Ricky, Mr. & Mrs. Mendleson are going. I called Bob & he’s going too. Maybe Mom & Dad too. Talked to Audrey over an hour on the phone.

We saw a real keen movie today in Science about how babys are formed in the mommies tummy. It hold all about how the sperm fertals the egg etc. I learned why you shouldn’t marry into the family.

Saw Mr. Platmers book eat a gopher. WOW! It was beautiful in a scientific way. Mr. Frisius is so wonderful. I don’t see how he can dot it. He’s so considerate & helpful & connsious of everyone. He goes out of his way soooo much, and for what? The kids treat him like dirt when they should be kissing his feet. Gads!! but I admire him.

Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry One Hundred Six

Entry One Hundred Six

Friday, May 16                      Weather marked as Clear.

Dear Diary,

Today in homeroom we got the Mirror & there was something about Sparky & Barbrak in it. The whole class was in an uproar over Harvey because he put it in. Then Mr. Moore called Harvey a flirty flirty, then someone said, “Harvey likes Lois” “Lois likes Harvey” & Mr. Moore said “Well you make a good looking couple. I don’t blame you Harvey—Lois is a very pretty girl etc. If I were only 40 years younger—-“ & at that moment Harvey’s & my eyes met & we both blushed a bit. I’m pretty sure he likes me. Jan put something in the “values loral” about Harvey & me (so she says & so I hope). Mommie says she saw some mateirl for my formal for the Sr. Prom. Bubie blacked out again today. Poor kid, she’s really got it rough. Ant Rose, Sylvia, Unc Joe & Abner came over. It is now 11:00 so I better go to bed.

Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry Ninety-Two

Entry Ninety-Two

Friday My Birthday, May 2              Weather marked as Clear

Dear Diary,

Harvey can’t go Sat. nite so I guess (although I don’t want to) I’ll have to go with Bob. I got a telegram for my birthday a letter from Hal & some cards. Mom got me a gorgeous shirt & blouse & Bubie some meterial.

Went bowling. Had loads of fun sending notes to & from Birch (he was our pin boy) in the bowling balles. Hi Talent—we tied Manual Arts.

Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry Eighty-Two

Entry Eighty-Two

Monday Sat., April 21                             Weather unmarked

Dear Diary,

Went to Dr. Cornelious (wore Aunt Selmas heels & boy do my feet feel awful) says my eyes improve some. Holidays.

Lynns Party. Harvey backed out of going last minute. “God damn it.” Some stupid guy “Tom” took his place. I look real wonderful with mascara, eye shadow & a sexy outfit. Jim took—Riley brought. It was a party where the guys dressed as gangsters & the gals as gun-molls. I won a revolver-lighter as a prise for getting closest in “pin the cigarette in the gangsters mouth.” It broke up at about 12:00 midnight. I sure wish Harvey Rootland would’ve gone. Darn!

Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry Thirty-Nine

Entry Thirty-Nine

Feb. 9                      Weather unmarked.

I’m all confused!

Refer to Feb. 8.

do I like Harvey or Hugh Sanders? or Mike or Dick Halen–gosh life is confusing or shoold I say love? Harveys nice–but then I don’t know him to well…& Hugh is nice too & feel comfortable in his company. He’s 6’ dark features hes 17 years of age & good looking–car too. Mike is a little young (15) other wise O.K. beeaauuttiffull eyes, Dick is different great womans man if he ever goes with a gal she sure will be treated royally–thats the kind of guy he is–he has twin brothers.

Dick was in Uncle Sid’s boy scout troop.