Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry Thirty-Nine

Entry Thirty-Nine

Feb. 9                      Weather unmarked.

I’m all confused!

Refer to Feb. 8.

do I like Harvey or Hugh Sanders? or Mike or Dick Halen–gosh life is confusing or shoold I say love? Harveys nice–but then I don’t know him to well…& Hugh is nice too & feel comfortable in his company. He’s 6’ dark features hes 17 years of age & good looking–car too. Mike is a little young (15) other wise O.K. beeaauuttiffull eyes, Dick is different great womans man if he ever goes with a gal she sure will be treated royally–thats the kind of guy he is–he has twin brothers.

Dick was in Uncle Sid’s boy scout troop.


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