Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry One Hundred Six

Entry One Hundred Six

Friday, May 16                      Weather marked as Clear.

Dear Diary,

Today in homeroom we got the Mirror & there was something about Sparky & Barbrak in it. The whole class was in an uproar over Harvey because he put it in. Then Mr. Moore called Harvey a flirty flirty, then someone said, “Harvey likes Lois” “Lois likes Harvey” & Mr. Moore said “Well you make a good looking couple. I don’t blame you Harvey—Lois is a very pretty girl etc. If I were only 40 years younger—-“ & at that moment Harvey’s & my eyes met & we both blushed a bit. I’m pretty sure he likes me. Jan put something in the “values loral” about Harvey & me (so she says & so I hope). Mommie says she saw some mateirl for my formal for the Sr. Prom. Bubie blacked out again today. Poor kid, she’s really got it rough. Ant Rose, Sylvia, Unc Joe & Abner came over. It is now 11:00 so I better go to bed.


Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry Twenty-Two

Entry Twenty-Two

Wednesday, January 22                                        Weather marked as Clear.

Dear Diary,

Today Harriet & I were walking through the hall & I was telling Harry I was disappointed because Robert didn’t come to school when Robert came down the stairs with big “Hello” & grins form me!! I said hello & walked on, Harry looked at me & said, “Lois! Your face is real red.” (I wonder if I really like him or if its just a silly infatuation???)


Bubie gave me a beautiful Mezuza for graduation.


Practiced marching our graduating today. Robert sits 3 rows behind me. Went to Sears with Dad & Butch.