Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry One Hundred Twenty-Nine

Entry One Hundred Twenty-Nine

Sunday Fri., June 8               Weather marked half Clear, half Cloudy.

Dear Diary,

Signed annuals all day. Lynn & Ricky picked me up at about 6:35 & we went to Bob’s party. I didn’t enjoy it too very much because Bob was busy with everyone. But when he took me home, it changed everything. I was supposed to be in before 1:00. Arrived home at 1:05 but didn’t go in till after 2:00. We had the most wonderful talk—all about everything. I don’t think he likes me as much as I like him but he does like me some. I never thought I would talk to him like that.

Mommie waited up for me & was made, she said I couldn’t go out anymore.

I told Bob I’d make him a pair of cargyles.


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