Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry One Hundred Forty-One

Entry One Hundred Forty-One

Tuesday Sun., June 24                    Weather marked as Clear, part Cloudy.

Dear Diary,

Worked around house. Molly & Moe came over. I made myself a blister on the middle finger of my right hand. Saw a terrific movie—Corridor of Mirrors—Man!!! Was it good.

Editorial Note:

Corridor of Mirrors was directed by Terence Young, and the film debuted in theaters in 1948. Based on a Christopher Massie novel, the simple plot of man falls in love with beautiful young woman takes a twist as he slowly suspect that he’s loved her in a previous life. Of course Lois loved this film; it’s the dramatic trappings of a teenage girl’s mind spilling onto celluloid. Also, there’s a character named Lois in the film. Here’s a little peek for you:


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