The Etiquette of the Saloon

From a History Museum at the Castle post titled “Wisconsin Will Not Sell Rum!”

From a 1880s San Francisco newspaper: The Etiquette of the Saloon

“George Garer is a barkeeper in an underground saloon on Kearny street, and Gussie Herman is one of the ‘pretty waiter girls’ in the same saloon. On last Thursday night the two became involved in a dispute about one dollar and a half, which he claimed she owed the bar for drinks and he, after calling her some very improper names, slapped her face; after which she ‘went for him,’ pulled his hair, and struck him in the face. She caused his arrest for assault and battery, and yesterday he was tried before the Police Judge and found guilty of the offence [sic] charged. He will appear for sentence tomorrow.”


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