Diary of Lois Elaine Jelin: Entry One Hundred Forty-Nine

Entry One Hundred Forty-Nine

Sunday Fri., July 6                Weather unmarked.

Dear Diary,

Tests today. Got A in Science, D in Spanish. Went out with Bob Ulis to show. Tried to hold my hand. Told him no. Saw Frogmen was excellent. Got home 12:40.

Editorial Note:

The Frogmen was an unremarkable 1951 adventure flick directed by Lloyd Bacon, and starred Richard Widmark, Dana Andrews, and Gary Merrill. None of those names ring a bell? Well, that’s not surprising since the film was tagged as “the sensational story of Uncle Sam’s Underwater Commandos! “ yet it failed to gain any historical traction. That said, they fight like men from another world, but they’ve got Texas, Brooklyn and Missouri written all over their hearts; what’s not to like! Check out the chuckle-worthy trailer below.


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