Nostos Nic, Hair Model?


Many moons ago (October 2013), I attended a Father John Misty show at Slim’s and a very nice lady by the name of Teddi Cranford asked me a question: “Would you want to be a hair model this weekend?” Once I heard the words “haircut” and “products” modified by the word “free”, I of course said yes. The name of the game that day was education, and the lovely staff at Edo Salon were learning looks fresh off the Dolce & Gabbana runway from  Teddi and her White Rose Collective partner, Andrea Donoghue.

My intention at the time was to write a piece about the Collective event, but it never materialized for one reason or another; there are only so many hours in a day, and I’m still somewhat uncomfortable with the whole PR angle of this online branding schtick. I dragged my Fella along for the ride and the free food, and he took a slew of photos–a few of which I’m sharing with you now. Enjoy.








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